Kathryn V. Isaac MD. FRCSC. MPH. Chair of Breast Reconstruction University of British Columbia

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“I am incredibly proud to champion the betterment of breast cancer care and breast reconstruction in this province.

Studies show that emotional, social and functional well-being, vitality, body image and general mental health are improved in women who have breast reconstruction surgery after their mastectomy.

The current journey to physical and emotional recovery for women with breast cancer can be a difficult one as in addition to dealing with the disease, they also have to navigate the breast cancer treatment system, which can prove challenging.


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Dr. Kathryn Isaac studied medicine and completed her Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at the University of Toronto. She subsequently completed a craniofacial fellowship at Boston’s Children Hospital and subspecialized further in breast reconstruction at the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg. In addition to her surgical training, she completed a Master’s degree in Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In September 2018, Dr. Isaac moved to Vancouver and has provided her skills for VGH and UBC Hospital ever since.

Dr .Kathryn V. Isaac

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